Fulfilling the dream of a perfect workplace

Institute of Applied Ecology

Fulfilling the dream of a perfect workplace

Institute of Applied Ecology

About the Institute

Institute of Applied Ecology (IES – Instytut Ekologii Stosowanej) is a private research and implementation unit, established in 2002. The main goal of its creation was the desire and need to create a research workshop that would expand knowledge in the field of ecology and its application to solving environmental problems. This refers mainly to agriculture, which has become one of the most important threats to the environment, biodiversity, and man himself both in the regional and global dimension. The second area of the Institute’s activity concerns water and many of its current problems, related to its scarcity, poor quality or poor management. Institute’s activity also includes environment protection, alternative energy sources, and education. Further, IES provides engineering services, which include projecting natural wastewater treatments, water treatment plants, recreational and bathing ponds, as well as supervising, building, and preparing conceptions of eco-friendly buildings and estates.

Since October 2020, the Institute is implementing its goals through three independent units: a farm, a limited liability company and an association.

IES founder

Dr. Wojciech Halicki – professor at the following universities: Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński in Warsaw, Warsaw University, Tomsk State University (Siberia), the University of Calgary (Canada) and the University of El Paso (Texas, USA). He obtained his PhD and postdoctoral degree (habilitation) in ecology at the University of Vechta (Germany). Later at the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznań (Poland) he obtained the doctoral degree in biological sciences. Beyond scientific and teaching activity at numerous universities, since 2002 prof. Halicki runs the private Institute of Applied Ecology along with an ecological farm in Skórzyn, Lubuskie voivodeship, Poland. As an author of several patents and numerous technical projects, he is active in the field of sustainable water management. For many years he has been travelling in Europe, Asia and North America, conducting research on the condition of natural environment and climate change. He describes these expeditions and environmental observations on his Facebook fanpage. His knowledge and experience resulted in numerous articles in Polish, German, English and Russian, as well as in 5 books published in Poland, Germany and USA. In 2020, he was the laureate of the “Polish Intelligent Development Award” and was nominated for the “Innovation Ambassador” award. Privately, he is a sports enthusiast and a triathlete over the Iron Man distance.


The most important book publications

Areas of activity

The Institute carries out the following activities


IES – Farm

Land management is one of the oldest and most important forms of benefiting from the surrounding environment. In IES we are focused mainly on cattle breeding and plant production.

IES – Limited Liability Company

The company’s activities include implementation of engineering goals related to the broadly understood sustainable water management, e.g. designing water intake installations, its treatment as well as sewage treatment along with the renewal and reuse of water.

IES – Association

The association was established in order to separate scientific from agricultural and engineering activity. Its main goal is to raise funds for the scientific ventures of Wojciech Halicki and people working with him.


Pictures of the Institute

Pictures of the Institute