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Water renewal– the project co-financed by The National Centre for Research and Development

Institute of Applied Ecology realizes a project

Development of a plant and pond technology for a wastewater treatment plant with nutrient removal and water renewal

The project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund, Intelligent Development Operational Program, Activity 1.1,  R&D projects of enterprises.

The subject of the project is industrial research and development works that are to lead to the creation of technology for plant and pond wastewater treatment plants with the removal of nutrients and water renewal. The aim of the project is to restore water recovered from “gray” and “black” sewage to the level of parameters corresponding to drinking water.

Natural wastewater treatment systems

The Institute’s greatest engineering achievement was in the design and construction of natural wastewater treatment systems. In total, since the beginning of IES operations, over 6000 facilities of this type have been built in the country. These are home sewage treatment plants, local treatment plants for schools or for small housing estates as well as sewage treatment plants for entire towns. Knowledge of water and wastewater technology, knowledge of soil science, hydrobotanics or microbiology allow for the design of various facilities that, apart from the basic function of wastewater treatment, have additional advantages such as: retention, natural, social, educational, aesthetic or landscape. The natural wastewater treatment systems designed by IES include: plant treatment plants, pond and pond-plant sewage treatment plants, compost treatment plants, and recently treatment plants with water renewal (guaranteeing that the outflow is of drinking water quality).

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