Plant production

Plant production in the farm

The farm’s plant production is almost entirely used to produce feed for cattle, previously also for pigs. Organic potatoes (about 100 tons per year) and vegetables are produced for direct sale only to a small extent. The farm currently produces cereals (mainly triticale), from which it produces cereal grains for animals. Every year the composition of plants from which haylage is produced (rye, millet, lupine, medicago, clover) is enriched. Since arable land is of very poor valuation classes, organic fertilization plays a special role in their production. It is implemented in various ways; directly through the use of manure, through the use of own liquid fertilizers, and through appropriate quarter grazing combined with feeding. Pigs were also used to reclaim the poorest land. For this purpose, it was let into specific quarters where it stayed for several months, making direct fertilization with faeces and mixing it all while rooting. In this way, it was possible to significantly improve the productivity of lands of the worse, 5th and 6th class. Although vegetable production is now a marginal part, it has been carried out with great care since the beginning of the farm’s existence. We already have sufficient experience and skills to cultivate cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, and onions on a larger scale. We are waiting with more production until the Institute has its own network of recipients, among others for vegetables. Every year, the Institute offers delicious tomatoes and cucumbers in the summer period. You can also order our potatoes all year round.