Animal husbandry

Animal husbandry in the IES farm

Since 2006 the farm specialises in the beef cattle. In the first years the aim was to develop the herd size and create appropriate conditions for this this task. Currently, the herd has about 200 heads, and the beef cattle production constitutes a considerable part of the IES income. Ultimately, along with the improvement of the quality of arable land, meadows and pastures, the number of cattle should double. In the farm there are currently two species of beef cattle: Hereford and Limousine. Both species are bred as hybrids. Since November 2011, the IES farm conducted also a breed of pigs, based on the ,,Złotnicka biała” species. The breeding has recently been suspended.

The cattle breeding is not only the production aspect, but it also plays a key role in improving the quality or even reclaiming the land. Further, it contributes to the maintenance and improvement of fauna and flora diversity on the farm’s land, in particular by increasing the diversity of soil fauna.